Letters from America

Margaret Jackson is a member of NCLG and has a long standing friendship with Caroline Ingle who is English but moved to America with her family about 30 years ago and now lives in Athens, Georgia.

Margaret has been a family friend for many years, having first met Caroline and her husband John when she was in Edinburgh. She visited them in Georgia in 2010 and it was that visit which prompted her to get started making lace. Margaret emails quite regularly and often mentions lace activities and NCLG. A few months ago Caroline wrote saying she would like to develop contacts with a group in the UK and the ‘Letter from America’ is the result, she is at the extreme right of the second photo on page 1 of her first letter.

The University to which she refers is the University of Georgia and is located at Athens, Georgia. Their web site is:
They meet at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens

first letter describes how Caroline came to make lace.  
Second letter from Caroline.