2015 competition - Hats

Bobbin lace class entries

Winner of bobbin lace class - Susan Holt
Bobbin Lace - Susan Holt1

Bobbin Lace - Alison Sones1Bobbin Lace - Ann Martin1Bobbin Lace - Ann Rae1Bobbin Lace - Frances Hughes1Bobbin Lace - Sara Ruks1Bobbin Lace - Val Stirling 1aBobbin Lace - Ann Driscoll1

Novice lacemakers class entries

Winner of novice lacemaker class - Denise Sullivan
Novice Lacemaker - Denise Sullivan1

Other laces entries

Winner of other laces class - Ruth Hockney
Other Laces - Ruth Hockney1

Other Laces - Helen Lewis1Other Laces - Kathleen Hobbs1

Other Laces - Sandra Hoath1 Other Laces - Yvonne Lomax1

Young lacemakers entries

Winner of Young Lacemakers class - Caitlin O’Brien
Young Lacemaker - Catlin O'Brien1

Young Lacemaker - Eoin O'Brien