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*** Members: if you recognise photos of your work that don’t have your name against it please contact Susan Roberts either via the contact form on the website or via the e-mail address in Pillow Talk (its against Treasurer not webmaster) ***

January 2018

Braid lace penguin, worked by ***

Purple minions crocheted by Helen Lewis

Bedfordshire lace mat

Torchon lace mat designed by Biggins Lace, worked by ***

February 2018

Torchon angels designed by Harlequin lace worked by ***

March 2018

Crochet *** worked by ***

Bucks Point motif, designed by ***, worked by ***

April 2018

Russian lace Cockrill, designed by Ingrird Le Count, worked by ***
Giraffe, worked by ***

Tape lace elephant, designed by***, worked by ***
Torchon lace handing designed by ***, worked by ***

Brugge Flower lace designed by Kitty Mason, worked by Helen Lewis
Lace dog, worked by ***

June 2018

Russian lace fan, designed by ***, worked by **

Russian lace cockrils

Crocket mat (?) worked by ***

July 2018

Black Labrador, designed by worked by Michel Jourde, worked by Helen Lewis

Honiton dragon, designed by Barry Biggins, worked by Mollie Jackson

Lace penguins worked by Helen Lewis

*** lace worked by ***

Torchon lace worked by ***

Bedfordshire lace worked by ***

October 2018

*** by ***
Torchon Christmas decoration, worked by ***

Russian lace mat, worked by ***

Macrame wall hanging, designed and worked by Helen Lewis
Knitted teddy bear worked by ***

Placemats worked by Muriel Davies

November 2018

Torchon lace vase, designed by Rosemary Green, worked by Ann Driscoll

Torchon lace mat, designed by ***, worked by ***

Bookmark, worked by ***

Torchon plate, worked by ***

December 2018

Poppies, ***

Idrija lace, designed by Michel Jourde worked by Helen Lewis