*** Members: if you recognise photos of your work that don’t have your name against it please contact Susan Roberts either via the contact form on the website or via the e-mail address in Pillow Talk (its against Treasurer not webmaster) ***

January 2020

Torchon mat, designed by Ulrike Lohr worked by ***
Braid lace mat designed by *** worked by ***
Honiton lady designed by Pat Perryman, worked by ***
Torchon bookmark, designed by *** worked by ***

February 2020

Cross stitch Labrador worked by Pat Williamson

March 2020

Mixed media worked by ***
Tatted decoration designed by *** worked by ****

February 2020

Bookmarks worked by ****

June 2020 (Virtual Torchon Mats course with Susan Roberts)

Susan Roberts’ Torchon mats course went virtual, 4 members have sent in photos of their finished work to date. The larger mats are Sheila’s Garden designed by Catherine Brown, the smaller mats are Susan’s mini Garden. The exercise was looking at a different way to get rid of your ends in top to bottom mats that Susan has created (no sewings involved!)