Ann has now handed over to Lies who will be our new courses co-ordinator, Lies will no doubt provides us with an excellent and varied programme of Saturday/weekend courses throughout the year. We are lucky that a number of our excellent tutors are also members of the group. Lies will bring in other tutors for courses our member tutors are not experts in.

Our course fees for a 2 day courses are as follows:

MemberNon-NCLG member*
Tutor a (local) NCLG member (2 days)£45Members fee + £5 surcharge
Claire Bonito’s course (2 days)£60Members fee +£10 surcharge
UFO’s working day (1 day)£15Members only
* NCLG members have priority on course places but if there are spaces once members have had an opportunity to confirm attendance courses will be open to non NCLG members
Members Ann Maybrey course subsidy

The family of Ann Maybrey very generously donated money to the group in Ann’s memory, this money was to be used on the things Ann enjoyed doing with her NCLG friends (speakers, courses and educational trips) and included a contribution to a celebration buffet the group were having.  Since 2009 we have been subsidizing speakers, courses and educational trips out of this money, each year by small amounts.  From September 2022 until further notice each NCLG member doing a 2 day course will be able to use a £10 Ann Maybrey subsidy once each academic year.  So if you do Claire’s course you can use your £10 subsidy against the course and just pay a £50 fee (the same fee as last year), if you don’t do Claire’s course but do Susan’s beading course you can use your £10 subsidy against the course and pay £35 for your course and so on.  Susan and Ann Driscoll will maintain a list of who has used a subsidy each academic year, the list will reset each August.

The Committee have agreed that new members to the group are not entitled to a subsidy until the new member is in their second year of fully paid membership (a £5 reduction for joining between September and December is insufficient to qualify for a subsidy the next year).

Ann brought a small teddy bear to courses and Bear was always responsible for any mistakes so there is an added benefit of using an Ann Maybrey subsidy towards your course fees… any mistakes will be Bear’s (not yours)!

All places on courses are for the full course, we will only consider part places such as one day only if there are still spaces once all those wanting a full weekend place have a place. The maximum number of students on all our courses is 14.

If you have COVID/COVID symptoms when a course is due to take place or if anyone in your household has COVID/COVID symptoms when a course is due to take place for the protection of all attendees we ask that you don’t attend a course, we will refund your full fee for the course.

21 & 22 September 2024
Milanese etc with Claire Bonito, Claire’s YouTube channel. All 14 places on this course have been offered, we are awaiting a few payments to confirm places. If you are interested in attending place contact Lies asap who will start a waiting list for the course.The laces Claire teaches for us are not suitable for beginners to lacemaking, Claire is happy to accept those with some lace experience to start working the laces she is covering in the course.
19 & 20 October 2024Christmas beading with Susan Roberts. The theme for this course will be Christmas presents, bauble bands and jumpers for those who have joined Susan for beading in previous years, those who haven’t will be able to work Warped squares or peyote pods depending on experience. Lies is in the process of contacting members about places on this course, this course is currently fullThere is no limit on the number of beginners to beading in this course, beginners will need to start with peyote pods then warped squares rather than Christmas presents, bauble bands and jumpers
23 November 2024UFOs working day with Sally Wylde, Not open for confirmed bookings yet, please let Lies know if you are interested in attending
25 & 26 January 2025Bedfordshire lace with Denise Vickery Not open for bookings yet, Not open for confirmed bookings yet, please let Lies know if you are interested in attending
26 April 2025UFOs working day with Sally Wylde, Not open for confirmed bookings yet, please let Lies know if you are interested in attending
21 & 22 June 2025BHT (Belgian, Honiton and Torchon) with Susan Roberts. The laces on offer will be The Belgian laces of Brugge Flower, Chrysanthemum, Flanders and Binche, as well as Honiton and Torchon (this includes people who want to work versions of Susan’s Garden which was previously a lockdown course and intended to run over 2 sessions). Susan will accept a maximum of 3 beginners to bobbin lacemaking on this course Brugge Flower is suitable for beginners (its easier than Torchon!) and Susan will accept bobbin lace beginners to do Honiton lace.

To register and interest in a course members should first contact Lies (details in Pillow Talk) to be added to the list of interested, when a course is approximately 3 months from running Lies will contact everyone on the interested list and see if they are still interested and able to attend, up to 14 people will be invited to confirm their places by paying their full fee to, if payments are not received by the deadline (normally 2 NCLG meetings before a course) places will be offered to those not offered a place in the initial place allocation. Non NCLG members interested in attending: please fill in the form on the Contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As of courses from March 2023, we have moved to a one off full payment for each course after this date as this makes the course secretary’s job some much easier, we will treat the first £15 of this as a deposit, our refund policy is linked here. Payments to the bank – please e-mail Susan and Lies to confirm you have paid money into the bank, Susan will confirm safe receipt by e-mail once she’s checked the group bank account.

Payments are due 2 NCLG meetings before a course takes place unless otherwise stated.